1. As one of our Core Values, we focus on being good stewards of the assets we operate. Therefore, we implement operational processes and procedures that encourage efficient use of the natural resources that we handle.
  2. Through rigorous self-monitoring programs, we hold our operations to a high standard to catch and resolve issues as they present themselves. Penrose remains fully compliant with all agency reporting and operational requirements.
  3. With diligent focus on runtime and operational excellence, we strive to minimize all environmental impacts from our operations which translates into environmental benefits for operators delivering into our systems.
  4. We consider our relationships with regulatory agencies and environmental groups as a strategic partnership. These relationships are in direct alignment with our Core Values and not only improve operations but benefit the environment around our community.
  5. As a part of our KPI’s and Performance Evaluations, progress on environmental initiatives is tracked and reported to our board of directors.


  1. Penrose is an equal opportunity employer with policies and practices that ensure all business activities are handled in line with our Core Values and in a Socially Responsible manner.
  2. We give back to our communities through employee volunteering and sponsorships of non-profit organizations.
  3. We believe in going home in better shape than how we showed up and maintain the highest standards of safety protocols for all employees.
  4. We strive to develop relationships and build team moral through team building events and company outings.
  5. Building the knowledge base at every level is important for company performance. Every employee is encouraged to attend training sessions each year.

Corporate Governance

  1. We conduct our business and decision making in line with our Core Values to ensure that we remain fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.
  2. We identify and communicate financial and operational risks to our board of directors and key stakeholders.
  3. Penrose maintains reporting and corporate governance guidelines that support our ethical and strict business practices.
  4. Penrose Midstream Partners was built on a foundation of Accountability, Growth, Stewardship, Teamwork, and Trust. These Core Values are woven into every aspect of our organization.